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Katie Riggio

Hi, Becky. Sorry you're running into that!

I'd like to take a closer look at this. Can you help me with these key details?

  • Does this problem happen in any Presenter course or a specific one?
  • Where are the PDFs stored?
  • With your permission, I'd like to test the troublesome Articulate Package to understand what's happening with the PDF files. If that works for you, here is where you can share your file privately with me. I'll let you know what I find, and will delete it after troubleshooting.
Becky Nield

Hello, Katie.

Thanks for your help. This does not happen to me on every project, only
this one. I have searched high and low for fixes and I'm not even certain
if it's related to articulate or PowerPoint or adobe....but it's
maddening. I am saving the presentation: save as, file type PDF, options
handouts, 2 per page and 6 per page. When I save/publish them, I place
them in the resources section of the player. You can see that the slides
on the page AND the page are very small and for the life of me, I cannot
figure out how to change the size. I published another lesson and had no
issues, so I believe it is just this one. I added the package per your