PeopleSoft ELM Fluid

Hello. I'm aware that few people seem to be using PeopleSoft (PS) ELM, but I'm stuck with it. That said, does anyone have any experience using PS Fluid as a portal to responsive learning/HTML5 content? The only information I've seen appears to be more of a mock up of how it should work with a SCORM-compliant (1.2 in this instance)  package, but NO concrete details. In fact, it talks about navigation in the training itself, which doesn't seem to make much sense since your training should have the navigation built in to the SCORM. (?)

It's worrisome that there is so little information out there; maybe they just want you to pay for their training, but I can't even seem to find a thread for that. 

So, is anyone using Articulate with PeopleSoft ELM Fluid, and if so,

1) How well is it working for you with Articulate?

2) Where can I find training on how Fluid actually works with SCORM content?

Thanks in advance.

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