Picking correct item from Column A and matching to Column B

Anyone know of way  to create a matching type exercise, where I have a list of items in column A and a list in column B and there is only one right combination - only one from A combined with one from B that is the correct answer?  I had hoped to do it in Engage so that they would not progress until they found the right combination, but it doesn't appear to be an option.

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Anne Koproski

I wound up using a drag and drop - I combined all I wanted from A with what I wanted with B and let the user select the best one from a list of combined items.  It works well enough and I could tell them why their incorrect answers were wrong. I like the multiple response screenr and know I can use that in another unit. I love that this community is so willing to share their know-how and I am continually learning something new.  Thanks, again.