Pink hue all of a sudden....

Aug 30, 2013

Sorry....another elementary question, I'm sure. 

IT just gave me a new supped up computer and I just downloaded and activated all my Articulate programs on this new computer.  When I did this all my pictures that I have imported now have a pink hue in the was not doing that there an easy fix? Please don't tell me I have to add them all over again???

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

I don't see a "pink hue" per se, but I do notice that around Astumi it looks as if the background isn't transparent anymore. You mentioned the pictures you've imported - have you saved her image outside of Storyline (instead of just using the Insert Character feature)? If you're inserting images, can you use .PNG images instead of GIF images? 

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