Plateau 6.3

Jun 23, 2011

My organization currently uses the Plateau LMS and we are upgrading to version 6.3.

Articulate is compatible with our current version. Does anybody know if it is compatible (i.e., will pass completion results) with Plateau 6.3?

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Wendy Jaehnig

Interesting. We haven't gone live with Plateau 6.3 yet, but I've tried out some basic Articulate courses (published to AICC) in the test environment and everything has worked correctly, both with and without tests.

However, I haven't tried anything with question pools in the test environment, so I may have to do some further experimenting.

Raymond Wan

We've been uploading through Scorm 1.2.

Maybe going through AICC could be an option for us....


Yeah - test out the quizzes and pool them...i've had weird instances where my quiz after being published are pooled, and when i upload to lms - they're not pooled.  not sure if it's a Plateau issue, or if it's simply something with our server is acting up.

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