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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Ana, and welcome! Yes, you can do this by changing the view mode on just that slide. To do that, click Slide Properties and go to the Change View column for that slide, and choose Slide Only.  

When you display a slide In Slide Only view, you'll still see a play/pause button in the lower-right corner, as well as the view mode toggle button (if you've included those on your player template). But the sidebar and top bar will go away and the other player controls won't be visible. Here's a tutorial that walks through some info about view modes. Hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

There isn't currently a way to remove the play/pause button from individual slides, so really the only way to remove it from that final slide (which is displayed in Slide View) would be to remove it from your player template altogether. I realize that might not be what you want for the rest of the course, though. Feature requests are always welcome, so I invite you to submit a suggestion for slide-specific player controls, if you think that would be a helpful enhancement.

As a workaround, what some people do is design their own fwd/back controls to appear on theirs actual slide, by using shapes or textboxes and PowerPoint hyperlinks. This way if there are certain slides where you don't want any controls to appear at all, you can just omit them from the slide. Here's a course where you'll see an example of that - see how the course is shown in Slide Only view throughout, and the Next button is actually on the slide itself? http://community.articulate.com/blogs/elearning-examples/archive/2011/01/07/interactive-frog-dissection-demo.aspx