player.html will not play


I published my presentation for web - when I click on the player.html just a blank window comes up through my browser. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Also, I need to show my presentation to a client through email. The "email zip file" function is not working either. When they unzip the file and press on the player they get the same result.  I do not know too much about networks - but how do I deliver my presentation to a client that is not on campus (in my LAN)?

Thank you

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Kerri Allegretta

Thank you for the reply Phil!

Yes, I am testing locally. I lowered my security settings on Internet Explorer and I also went to Internet Options > Advanced > Security > Allow active content to run in files on My Computer. But it is still not working. I'll try the CD but I want to figure out why this is not working properly.

Norma Kaplan

I am having the same problem.  Everything works fine on my computer.  

I use Google Chrome and I published to CD.  It provided me with a launcher file, player file and an .exe file.  I upload to my website just fine.  However, when I only specified the .exe file, it could not be found.

When I specified the player file, I got the big ERROR screen.

Who can help me?

Peter Anderson

Hi Norma,

When publishing for CD and viewing with Google Chrome, this article may help explain the issue you're experiencing. And if you're going to be uploading your course to the web, it's always recommended to publish for web to help ensure you won't lose any functionality. 

And @Kerri, 

I'd recommend opening a ticket with our support team so they can get more information from you and help you troubleshoot. 

Norma Kaplan


Thank you - I sent this issue to support and they directed me to the same site you did.  I normally upload for the WEB.  I uploaded my files to my website and then typed  the URL in Internet Explorer.  Player.html worked great.  So I'm need to let people know that this only works in IE.  I also sent an email to Google about the issue.

Thanks again - this is such a great community.