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Apr 22, 2014

I have successfully loaded a dozen modules to an LMS using SCORM 1.2.  Some of the modules were created in Articulate '09 and some in Articulate '13.  I had to use different settings on the LMS end between the 2.  Now I have 2 modules that have a "Slide Only" player and when I try to upload them to the LMS using all different settings, both on the Articulate Player and on the LMS end, my modules come out tiny (some combos yield a tiny window revealing only a small part of a normal size module, most yield a tiny module within a tiny window, neither of which can be resized.)  What settings should I be using for Browser size, Player size, Output Slide Size, any other settings?  Any other advice?

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Margaret McDowell

Alison, I feel your pain! This may not be much help, but here's my scenario...

I am having to make a small change to an old course that was built with Articulate '09 that uses a "Slide Only" player. We now have the new '13 version. With my course, after making the needed updates and previewing the output I noticed some strange things happening to the Player that wasn't quite the same, mainly, when you get to any question slide (that was made with Quizmaker), the Player jumps from Slide Only to displaying the Menu bar on the left. I checked and re-checked the Player settings in Quizmaker to make sure they were the same as the Player settings in Presenter, but still got the same result. After much hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth I decided to look at the Slide Properties option in the Articulate ribbon, and behold, that was where the offending slide was set to display the Menu, even though I thought I had re-set it within Quizmaker. Maybe looking at the Slide Properties would be a good thing to check even though your issue is much different?

Hope this helps somebody!


Alison L Coops

I don't see anything in the slide properties about size...

Since my "slide only" presentations with the issue were all created in '09 and are very simple (for example one Engage Interaction and one Quizmaker quiz, no animation, I thought the simplest solution would be to recreate in '13, but when I published that, I got a tiny module in a more reasonable size window which isn't really an improvement...

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alison,

How tiny, exactly? Is there an extreme difference? 

Are you able to share the '09 Articulate Package and the '13 Articulate Package here? If so, I'd be happy to take a look and see what's going on. You can zip them into one file to share, or you can attach each to a new response. If the files are too large to share here, please let me know.

Also, can you tell us if this only happens for projects that you've upgraded, or if this happens for new projects?


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