player size?

I have seen a few presentations lately that had an enlarged (wider) presentation area. It looked as though it overlapped where the sidebar usually goes. I can't remember if this was for a video playback or for an actual ppt-based presentation.

How do you use this larger area? Which layout mode do you have to use? And what types of presentation can I do in this larger space?

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can play a video file in SWF, FLV or MP4 format with an enlarged width of about 980 pixels in No sidebar view.

  • Set your screen recording to be 980x560
  • Insert via Presenter '09 using default Flash Movie settings (ignore the warning that resolution is too big)
  • In Player Templates -> Other, set browser size to display at user's current size and presentation size to lock presentation at optimal size
  • In Slide Properties Manager, set the slide view mode to "No sidebar"
Hope that helps
David Anderson

rambabu s said:

I would like to display a web page with size 980X560 using Webobject in no slide bar view. Can any one tell how I have to do it default i am get only 720 width

Hi Rambabu - I see Jeanette answered you in this thread

Just making sure this thread also referenced the answer on inserting Web Objects w/no slide bar view.

Tim Egan

Are you limited to just flash files to display in a full stage view? I have a basic PP presentation without any flash that I want to use full stage with no sidebar and I cannot find anything explaining how to do just that. Can I change the size somewhere in the presentation.xml file after publishing?

Tim Egan

Hi Justin, thanks for the link and happy to be here. That was somewhat helpful. What I am looking for specifically is the slide mode viewable in the full regions of the stage. So basically there is no stage background "whitespace" around the slide. I want to do this without creating a flash file. Is that possible?