player template not publishing properly & text outside of powerpoint text area no longer showing up in publication

Dec 13, 2017

Hello ,
I have 2 problems that have appeared. I don't know what has changed or happened to cause this.

1. a few months ago I noticed that if the text on my slide isn't within the text box on the powerpoint slide, it no longer shows up in my publication. I have not changed anything (except maybe Windows updates). This is a new issue however.

2. Yesterday I was able to use a template that I designed within presenter that incudes the menu and the play/pause, seekbar, volume - today, it comes out all wrong when published. Image of the player I'm publishing with and the publication results.

I would really appreciate help in getting both of these issues fixed.

thank you


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi June! 

Are these problems popping up after you published the file?

If so, it looks like you may be testing the output locally. That's known to cause problems due to security restrictions, so I would recommend uploading the file to a web server or a learning management system to test it.

What publishing settings did you use?

June Kuznicki

HI Alyssa, unfortunately I have not easy way to test this beyond locally. I
was using Firefox and found by using Internet Explorer, at least the proper
template is showing and working correctly. I am publishing to use on LMS,
but again, I have no ability to load onto our server to test anything, so I
have no alternative but to test locally.

I don't understand the issue with the text boxes either, I need to test this
to see if it is a Firefox issue as well. Of course, the thought to try a
different browser didn't occur to me until I sent the message. It is weird,
one day it all worked for and had been, then it all stopped working.

Anyhow, I will test the text box issue and let you know if that is still an
issue. In the meantime, I'm off Firefox :)

Thank you


Alyssa Gomez

Hi June,

SCORM Cloud is a great option for LMS testing. You can create a free account right here!  Once your account is created, upload the SCORM output and give it a test!

If you'd rather not create your own account, I'd be happy to test your file on mine! Simply attach your published output to a new thread comment, and I'll take care of the rest. 🙂

Note:  you can edit out your contact information from your post if you'd like!  Replying via email will include your signature.

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