player template problem

I can't get changes to text labels to "stick". I was able to modify one and now would prefer a blank field.

It seems Presenter will not tolerate a blank field in place of ATTACHMENT when I don't have any and don't want the label.

I am aware of needing to specify the template AGAIN when I want to publish.

Is this obstacle as intended or is my application corupted and requires a re-install?

Additionally, there are player templates listed that are not located in the template folder inside the Articulate directory. Where are they?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pete,

It sounds like you'd like to remove the "Attachments" tab altogether, correct? You can disable this tab, if you'd prefer, rather than removing the text label.

To do so, click on "Player Templates" and select the "Layout" section in the next window. Toward the bottom you'll seen an option for the "Attachments tab". Un-check this open to remove the tab from your player. 

Review the following to locate the directories on your computer for Articulate Presenter '09 player templates, color schemes, logos, playlists, and presenter bios:

Articulate Support - Location of Presenter '09 player templates, color schemes, logos, playlists and presenters

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pete,

I believe, by default, the Attachment tab should show up in the upper right-hand corner of the player. If you're seeing this somewhere else, it sounds like it could be a custom tab.

Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing? Or are you able to share the file with us, so we can check it out?


Pete Flynn

I finally figured it out, entirely by accident since this isn't documented anywhere, including "the book".

The icons for Engage and Quizmaker that are on the PPT toolbar open the "Quizzes and Interactions: dialog box. This box is the same for both Engage and QM. It contains a control to create player tabs that appear on the top right of the lesson pane.

They populate the tab on the player template form too, which is why I could not get rid of it from that location. It was pointing to the other field!

One I deleted the information in that dialog box the tab disappeared.

What really confused me was still seeing the tab after deleting the Engage interaction and even emptying the recycle bin. I had completely forgotten about that dialog box in the months that has passed sine the project began and finishing it.

Hope this helps out someone else.