player template question

I have checked the resources tab in the player template setup. As I understand, that means it appears on every page as the default. Accordingly, it is displayed in the pane to the right in the top right corner.

And I have associated URLs in the related dialogue box, so there is "stuff" that should populate it, if that even makes a differance.

However, the "resources" label does not appear.

Please advise . . .

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Pete Flynn

Thanksfor your quick reply Leslie.

Canyou just confirm that the selection on the player setup merely turns the resourcefunction on or off?

On;if chosen shows as the default for all slides

Off;if chosen shows as the default for all slides

Andso . . .

Atthe slide properties level it will reflect the selection at the player level asthe default and allow individually turning the resources on or off for eachslide individually.

Atthe present it appears this is how it works and is functioning correctly.

Idon’t think there is an application error.

Thank You.