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Mar 10, 2011


I have created a custom player template based on my client's corporate colours.  Does anyone know how I can copy that template to another computer to work on the project from there?  I have packaged the project and opened it on the second computer however I obnly have the templates available to me on that second computer's installation.



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Jeanette Brooks

Here's also a knowledgebase article that shows template locations& some helpful screencasts.

Another thing to keep in mind: if you publish your project at least once, the player template info will become part of the PPTA file, so when you create your Articulate package and open it elsewhere, the player template will show up as "In Project." Then you can save it to the hard drive like this:

John Curran

This turning on/off hidden files and folders etc. is all very well but it would be good to have an export option for all these types of files in the next version of Articulate. 

On my latest Windows 7 machine it is almost impossible to locate these files (the 'standard' paths seem to be very slightly different to those describe in the links above).

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