Playing Presenter files on iPhone

After researching the proper way to export from Articulate Presenter for iPhone I did so and uploaded our training to the client's website.  I exported for the web with HTML5 support and pointed the client site to use the appropriate file.  I then discovered that upon opening the training on an iPhone the first 2 ‘slides’ would show and then once the meat of the training got underway (the part with audio) the player was blank while the audio played until the end credit slide showed, which like the first 2 slides had no audio.  Looking around E-Learning Heroes I saw a topic that greatly resembled this, ( but the most recent part of the post was from 2 months ago and there was no mention of a resolution.  Has a cause or solution been reached concerning this issue?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sharon!

Thanks for linking the thread that you found. I was able to pop in and check on Lisa's case. Yes, we were able to replicate the issue because the user had conflict/corruption in her master slide. When a new master was utilized, the issue was gone.

Does this solution seem applicable to you as well, or would you be able to share your Articulate Package for our team to take a look as well?