Playing the presentation from specific time of a particular slide


    I'm doing a E Learning project. I'm doing animations in flash with action script 2.0.

In that i was given the following request. 

If i click a button in a slide it should be redirected to the specific time period of another specific slide.

Please help me in this. Which script i have to use. 

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David Burton


Your request can be achieved through the Presenter SDK using the following functions

// first go to the desired slide

// then go to the desired frame for the specified slide (see below for calculating the frame based on the presentation framerate)

// Returns a slide info object.  Below is a description of the slide info object’s properties

... where oSlideInfo.nFrameRate is the slide framerate

Please note, the above two functions require you to reference ArtAPI as _level0.ArtAPI. This way you will always have access to the API object and you will not have to worry about the version flash that you are publishing under.

I hope this gets you started!