Playlist spills over to subsequent slides

Hi there. I have a playlist that is set on slide 1 and 2 and on slide 3 I don't have a playlist, just animations and narration. When I run the module and click the next button on slide 2 before the slide is finished playing, I jump to slide 3 but the playlist from slide 2 keeps on playing. This only happens if I skip to slide 3 before slide 2 (or whatever slide I have a playlist on) is finished.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I have tried creating a 1 second silent audio file in a playlist and placing that into slide 3's playlist and I've also tried inserting the silent audio file into slide 3 via the import audio function. I tried them both together as well - nothing I've tried stops the playlist from spilling over to the next slide.

Any ideas would be most helpful!



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Tim Abel

I encountered similar issues with a large Articulate presentation.  I assigned a playlist to play on some slides, but I intended for other slides to remain silent.  Often, the playlist would continue to play, even on the "silent" slides. 

I finally found a foolproof workaround.  I created a "song" which consisted of 5 seconds of silence.  I then created a new playlist with this silent song.  For all slides where I needed silence, I simply assigned this playlist.  Now, the music always stops when the silent slides are opened.  This may be like putting duct tape on the problem... but it works!