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I am always having a problem in syncing. When i sync at first time its working fine.

After that If want one more animation means then i added. when syncing now it is second time the syncing will not be working properly. It s showing 8 animations even i gave 7 only. I dont why it is coming like that.

Could you help me out in this?

Thanks in advance!

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David Anderson


Can you confirm you're working from a local hard drive (C) and not an external hard drive or off a network? That's a common reason for lost syncing.

How are you adding your syncing? Are you using the Articulate tab > Sync Animations or are you doing this within PowerPoint? And with your animations, are you timing those with OnClick events or are you using PowerPoint's timeline to adjust the timing?

Here's a great overview of syncing animations with narration:

Let us know, okay? This shouldn't happen as frequently as you're describing.



Thanks for your reply.  It is fine. I saw the example.

But my question is, when i add one more animation after i syncing, then i want to sync it for again. In this time i have a problem. Its not working properly. Can you get my questions?

Solutions would be appreciated.

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