Podcast feature replacement options?

Presenter 13 is a nice product, and I appreciate being able to publish to iPads.

But the omitting of the Podcast function is a deal-breaker for me. I run a large health informatics distance learning program, and many busy students appreciated having MP3 versions of our Presenter lectures for listening on their phones, in their cars, etc., and now this feature is gone.

I am not sure why Articulate had to retire the feature, even if there were not many users of it, since I can't imagine it required much effort to support the existing code.

I can't even use the various MP3 concatenation products because the file naming convention now used does not allow sorting to correctly order this. I have not found a SWF-to-MP3 project yet that can handle the format Presenter outputs to.

Why do I always find it so maddening when vendors discontinue features for no logical reason?


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William Hersh

I understand that few people used the feature in the past, although we saw during the beta period that some did, and some felt it was important.

But why remove a feature, regardless of how many people use it, that is mature and easy to program? I can't imagine keeping this feature would require much support on your end. It doesn't make sense to me.


Brian Batt

William Hersh said:

Well, in all honesty, it does not really give me much confidence to submit my thoughts to an anonymous, Web-based feedback process. After waiting two years for this update, I am disappointed in your process.

Hi William,

As Phil mentioned, we added the ability to export your audio in Update 2 of Studio '13.  For more information, see the "Exporting the entire presentation to a single audio file" section in the link below: