Poor Image Quality


I am having problems with the quality of an image I made in PowerPoint. Once published it goes fuzzy and doesn't look good enough.

I have made the image again in Adobe Illustrator and saved it as a high quality PNG but it still does not improve the quality of the image when published.

I am publishing to the web and locking the player at the optimal size.

Is there anything else I could try please?

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Nelson Diaz

Have you installed the latest update for Presenter '13?  It was supposed to address the image quality issue.
If you already have updated AP13, you could try saving your image as a swf for testing. Since you seem to have the Adobe Suite, import your .ai file into flash professional.  If your image is not vector (bitmap/raster), find the imported bitmap in the flash library, right click for properties and check the "allow smoothing" box. Publish the image as a swf and insert it in AP13 to see if it makes a difference.