Poor video quality in Presenter '13

Hello all,

I have a question on importing and publishing videos in a '13 course.  I have 5 mp4s that I'm trying to import that play fine standalone but the quality is horrible on a publish.  This includes publishing at the highest possible video settings.  Is this a known issue or can something be done about it?  I found a workaround in the Storyline forums that more or less works, but it's a pretty non-intuitive sort of fix that needs done every time you publish.  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jada,

Our team has designed it so that Studio '13 gives you the highest possible video quality with the smallest possible file size. This article has further information on how we deal with video compression.  As the above article has discussed, it is recommended to insert high quality videos into your project, as Articulate will compress this when you publish your project. The method that you mention for Storyline (although unsupported) has been helpful to a number of community members who want to keep the original video quality without any compression. If the quality issue you're experiencing seems to be beyond a normal compression, and you'd like for us to take a look at your files please feel free to share the Presenter files with us here. You'll want to create a Presenter package to upload it on the second page. 

Gerry Wasiluk

This is something that I'd file a feature request for.  I use the Storyline workaround all the time and am not thrilled that I have to do so.  Yes,  it's a pain to have to after each publish.

IMVHO, we should have choices when it comes to compression and not a one-size-fits-all approach.  The current compression can be overly aggressive at times.

I have used high-quality videos and, to be honest, the results are a crap shoot.  Often, I still have to do the old Storyline "after publish switcheroo."  The artifacting in even high-quality videos is often too distracting, IMVHO.

Guido Yagupsky


I'm noting the same problem with most of my MP4 screencasts, with excellent quality in their original version (demos of ordinary webpage searches, etc.),  and have to go for the "after publishing workaround". (Studio 13´)

In order not to overload total published size, I compress the video files externally to 1/5 of their original size, still keeping acceptable quality, and go for the workaround.  

I belive the request for an option within the program is well justified. To my view,  examples  such as these mentioned in the thread are quite ordinary elearning situations.