Potential SCORM 1.2 issues with SumTotal 2015.1

We have been dealing with a persistent issue with our SCORM 1.2 courses failing to complete in our SumTotal 2015.1 LMS. About 5-6% of the courses have to be completed by the manager after the fact. SumTotal looked at one of our courses and tested it using the SCORM cloud. What they saw was that not all interactions are being records.

We have been looking at everything but Presenter until now. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?

I am concerned that it could be that our content was created using SCORM 1.2. The LMS is supposed to be compatible but I have suspicions. The user/creator doesn't know what version of Presenter and Studio she uses but looking in the content folder it looks like '13. She thought is was '9.

Thoughts or guidance?

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Dave Neuweiler

Hi Kelly ... not the same issue, but a general problem with certain LMS's. I still have, after almost a year, an unresolved issue Presenter 13/Quizmaker and CourseMill. The problem is that when a user failed the quiz twice, the LMS recorded a passing score.


I went back and forth between Articulate support and Trivantis support, and was not able to resolve the issue. I couldn't get the two parties to get together and figure out the issue, and was spending too much time being the go-between.

The fallback was to publish to AICC. (Ironically, this presented a second issue, because the AICC content would not play correctly on mobile devices.) Articulate support sent me an unsupported patch for a java script file, which I have to manually apply to every published course.

Anyway, you might try AICC to see if it solves your issue.

You know, over the years, Articulate support has been a great help in dealing with several issues; this time it didn't work out for me. And I'm disappointed that the issues weren't addressed in the latest update. Then again, maybe Articulate 13 is in the sunset mode in favor of Articulate 360. I can't fault Articulate for changing their business model to generate recurring annual revenue, but I would like to have the perpetual license to software that works 100%.

Good luck to you!

Crystal Horn

Hi Kelly.  I'm happy to try and dig into this one with you.  Are you able to share your zipped Articulate Package for some testing?

I'll have a look in SCORM Cloud as well to see how the course is reporting.  

Do you know if the courses that fail to report properly are being viewed on the same browser?  If so, which one?

Thanks for reaching out!

Kelly Amott

Thanks so much Crystal. We emphasize the use of IE but have some users who take the courses in Chrome. Our Enterprise uses IE 11 as a standard. There was a significant impact when we upgraded our LMS (~40% incompletion rate) that was resolved with a Flash upgrade from v12 to v26. Now the incomplete rate is at about ~5%. Here is one of the courses that has problems.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for sharing your files here - it looks like a copy of the published output vs. the Articulate Presenter package. The latter would allow us to see all your file settings. 

If you're able to share that, you can upload in a new response. In the meantime, I did upload your content to SCORM Cloud if you'd like to give that a test!