Power Point stops when exiting Sync Animations

I have entered a support case but wonder if anyone else has this problem...

Often times, in fact almost every time, I exit Sync Animations, Power Point stops and has to be re-started.    I have gone through and put On Click on the animations.  There does not seem to be a consistent reason...  Truly is becoming annoying, though.


Peter C Moyer

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Peter.

You'll find a pretty healthy Forum Thread dedicated to this issue here.  Can you take a look and see if any of these suggestions help?

I see that you've also been communicating with Rowie Barcelona on this (via Case Number 00368423 for my reference), so please let Rowie know if the problem persists.  Thanks!

Peter Moyer


Based on a review of the forum thread, I have decided to forgo the re installation route as I am in the middle of a time sensitive project.   I will use the suggestions of the others with this problem and use the PPT animation pane or the Audio Editor to sync any animations.  I had this situation with Presenter '09 also and had hoped the '13 would have fixed it.