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Vincent Lau

Storyline 2.0: This may or maybe directly relevant to the Studio 13 issue, yet I would like to say I have upgraded my Office365 to Office 2016 (under Windows 10) yesterday, and thrilled to discover everything until now looks fine, including having solved the previous issue of inability to import Powerpoint files directly into Storyline.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff!

You can find all of our system requirements here in regards to Presenter '09.

Here are the Powerpoint details:

PowerPoint 2000, PowerPoint 2002 (PowerPoint XP), PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007, or PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit only)

Even for Presenter '13, you would need the actual software installed on your computer as the web- only version of Office 365 is not compatible. You can see all of Presenter '13 system requirements here.

Michael W

Has anyone mentioned issues with publishing issues with Office PPT2016?  Specifically this is what's happening to one of our developers:

Animation was created in PPT 2010 to finish at the same time a music clip finished. When publishing the exact same files in PPT 2016, the animation finished well after the music clip finished.

This occurred both in the Preview mode and after it was published.

The extended animation time occurred when using PPT 2016 both when publishing to the Web and when publishing to Articulate Online.

Any feedback as to why this happens is appreciated. We would rather not have to go back and re-time all the animations and resync everything.  Thanks for your help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I haven't heard of that particular issue with Office 2016 and Presenter - does it look like things are out of sync when using the "sync animations" feature or just as a part of Preview/publish? Are you able to view the same file still in Office 2010  after upgrading to 2016 and see if the items are still in sync with one another? If you'd like, we're always happy to take a look at the Presenter package to see how it behaves. You can post it here in the forums or send along to our Support team here. 

Michael W

Thanks Ashley, I'm actually having a co-worker send over the files. It's actually an issue where the published vesion via Office 2010 is timed fine, but when the exact files are re-published on a laptop that uses Office 2016, then the published version for some reason the powerpoint animations no longer is timed correctly and they end much later than when the music stops.

Thanks. hopefully we'll hear soon from whomever is testing for us. Thanks for your reply.
Michael Woo

Rachel Craig

Does Presenter '09 work with Powerpoint 2016? I am trying to work on one of the older courses created with the Articulate '09 suite, and Powerpoint keeps freezing. If it's not compatible, can someone tell me why the Presenter '09 compatibility was dropped for Powerpoint 2016, please?

Thank you!

Michele Brooks

I don't know if this fits this thread perfectly, but do we have any information on PowerPoint 2016 with Studio 360, Presenter specifically?  I'm getting an error that says something like "Failed to detect Articulate Process" when I try to open newly created training that has Engage and Quizmaker content.  I just got Studio 360 installed last week and I was able to work with it much of the week, but this morning, I'm stuck.  When the error happens, I have to use Task Manager to close PowerPoint, because it is unresponsive.