PowerPoint and Articulate are Freezing


I downloaded the latest version of ARticulate Presenter Suite 13 today and have started to use it. 


I get a strange behaviour from time to time - which I have to do a quit PPower in 

2016 in Windows 7 to get out of 

screen shot attached 

I hit the Articulate button and the screen comes up with this Slide Notes panel at the right hand side. Now the mouse courser will not enter the ARticulate screen and I am hung until I CTL+ALT+DELETE and stop Power Point running. 

I am not sure what I am doing to cause this to happen. 

It is frustrating. Any one experiencing the same thing. 




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Roelf Woldring

I worked at it - because this piece of work is due on Monday. Here is what I learned. 

1) I can turn off the Notes panel in ARticulate - that just cleans up the screen so I don't need it. 

2) There is an option to turn on using the full screen for the narration panel. I checked it and it makes things cleaner as well. 

3) BUT MOSTLY IMPORTANTLY, don't move the mouse pointer from the time I click on record narration till the time that the narration window is fully deployed, even it thsi takes a few seconds. Doing that seems to eliminate the "Freezing" the mouse point out of the narration window that makes things appear to be frozen because you cannot take a next sep. 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Roelf,

Sorry that you experienced such behavior, but I'm not sure that I'm familiar with that error.

I'm glad that you were able to find a workflow that would work for you in the meantime and I appreciate you popping in to share as well.

Curious if you run into something like this in another project or if you were just having some unexplained difficulty.

Please let us know if we can further help you out!