PowerPoint and transparenty hyperlinks

Apr 15, 2011

I've been using Tom Kuhlman's tip about assigning a hyperlink to a transparent box over PowerPoint shapes or groups. It used to work with PowerPoint 2002, but now with PowerPoint 2007, I can't seem to get the hyperlink on a transparent shape that sits on top of another PowerPoint group or shape to work, even though the transparent shape is on the top layer. When I go to View Slide Show or Publish with Articulate, if I select the transparent fill area of the box, it won't recognize the hyperlink, and will only recognize it if I move the cursor to where the transparent shape outline should be.  Is there a setting I've missed to be able to get this feature to work again? 

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Adam Truckenmiller

Lauren, I have came across this issue at times even in PPT 03.

Sometime just re-creating the transparent shape fixes the issue. I have noticed grouping the shape along with other items can cause the issue or another thing is to make sure you are using the "Action Button - Custom" located under the tab labeled "Slide Show" then making the Custom button transparent should work. (of course make sure it is layered on top of everything else)

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