Powerpoint buttons not working in Presenter

I have set up some powerpoint slides with a button next to various topics that allows the user to obtain more information about the topic by clicking on the button and then being taken to another slide.  This works when I run the slide show in power point but not when I publish in presenter.  It simply just allows you to advance in order to the next slide in the power point vs. going to the specific slide.  The actual buttons on the powerpoint slide do not work (i.e. do not take you to the specific slide) like they do in slide show.  A minor point, but I had also had included a "click" sound in the power point that again works in slide show, but not in presenter. 

Anyone know what I am doing wrong or how to fix?  Thanks.

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Ron Price

I am assuming you are you are talking about the standard action buttons in PPT.  The built in button object  actions - mouse over actions - and sounds, for example, are not compatible with Articulate. 

You can use the standard hyperlinking functions in Powerpoint to navigate to different slides, etc.  Set the hyperlinks to advance to a place in the document, then you can choose next, previous, or any specific slide in the presentation.

Important to note that these may or may not work in Articulate preview -  test in PPT and then publish for the final test. May want to check this link out - http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter09/kb/?p=907

Tom  Davenport

Phil, that was exactly the problem.  I was trying to preview the slides instead of having to publish the entire course and preview was not working.  When I published it worked, other than the sound effect which looks like you also addressed.  I assume there is no way to include a sound effect similar to the click sound in engage for non engage slides then? 

Thanks for your help.

Ron Price

I am glad it worked.  That happens a lot.  We always say - practice in PPT - if they work, they will typically work in Articulate, but to test in Articulate - you need to publish.  The downside is, that in preview the pointer will change as if it is going to work.  Also, any hyperlinks that link to objects outside of the deck (websites, attachments, etc.) they will work in Preview.

To get the roll-over and down or selected status of buttons . .  at the present time,  Engage is the tool for that.  In presenter, you would need to do (as Phil suggested) build something externally in a Flash tool and insert.  Snag-it allows you to create some simple roll-overs.

Of course,  you may have seen the chatter in community about StoryLine. . . well, that will have that functionality as well.  So I hear.

Nargiza Dzhumasheva


I am working with ppt and made some buttons with animation and even after publishing they are not working.

These buttons show bubble speeches in order and the other one have hyperlink to next slide. Why they are not working in preview Articulate studio 13 and after publishing. The slide is just showing everything. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nargiza!

Articulate Presenter '13 supports most of PowerPoint's animations and effects. See this article for a complete list.

Here's how to fine-tune your animation timings using the audio editor in Articulate Presenter '13.
If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share your Articulate Package.
Nargiza Dzhumasheva

My presentation was having buttons (one active, while second not
bubble speeches appear when user click on one button and when all
bubbles have been seen, user may click to second and move to the next
I might share link through dropbox.
here it is.

Nargiza Dzhumasheva

I do not know, other can see it.
ok, the problem is that animation of buttons do not work in articulate
preview and in published doc.
It shows everything on slide that should not be shown immediately.
could you please provide other e-mail and I will try to share a link
I need to solve the problem with articulate view.

Nargiza Dzhumasheva

Yes, I have done this earlier.
But support team didn't get my question. could you please monitor the
progress of my enquiry.
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