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I was asked to convert a Powerpoint presentation in the form of a Jeopardy game, to flash to be posted to a website. I had no problem publishing it to flash but there's a big problem.

When the presentation runs as a PPT slideshow, each of the category names changes color once they are selected. So if someone clicks on, say, architecture for $100, after they answer and the main board shows up again, the "$100" under that category has turned red instead of white or blue or whatever the fon is for all the unselected questions. This is how PPT shows a hyperlink has been selected. BUT in the flash version, the "$100" stays the same color it was so all the blocks on the screen look as if they can be selected, when some of them have already been closed out because they were used.

Is there a way I can gte Articulate to make these change when they are selected?  This is a huge issue for this particular presentation.

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blair parkin

Hi Jon

One work around would be to use duplicates of the main board but with different coloured hyperlinks to represent those that have been viewed. Then branch the learner back to the duplicate menu instead of the first menu. The only problem with this method would be to workout and create all of the possible combinations required to display the visited links. Depending on how many options you have the combinations could be quite huge.

Jon DeMartino

Yeah, I thought of the workaround making duplicate slides but with 25 menu choices I'd probably have to make about 1,000 slides to cover all the possibilities of previous choices.

I do see a lot of PowerPoint plug-in type software options online. They are fairly inexpensive and I'd try one if I thoght it was 1.) virus -free and 2.) it would allow the hyperlink numbers to change color as they do in the PPT slide show mode. Have any of you tried any of these?

I really need to find a way to get this presentation online with the hyperlinks changing color once they are selected.

I did enter the optional hyperlink-color change as a feature suggestion.