Powerpoint not translating into Presenter accurately

Aug 26, 2011

I am sure this is something simple, but I am chasing my tail here.

I have created a slide in Powerpoint which I set up with animation to hide original text which is automatically seen on screen to be replaced by other text on mouseclick.  That second text then disappears to be replaced with text number 3 - also on click of mouse.  Final click of mouse on a 'continue' button hyperlinks to new slide.

It works perfectly in Powerpoint - exactly as I want it.

When I publish the slide, I can click the mouse to my hearts content but the original text won't budge.- so the rest of the slide is obviously unavailable and consequently the rest of the module too

I am using Office 2003 (have no choice in this - my organisation doesn't support anything higher).

Can anyone help?

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