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Jon DeMartino

Here's a slide and the outline view. I know I can change the title that appears in the outline in Presenter but I want to find out how they got all the text onto the outline slide. There are two separate text boxes but I don't know if both are "Title' boxes, which would explain things. If there is a way to set the default to include something other than the title, I wanted to know where that option is in PPT. I can fix the problem in my final version but I am curious as to what the heck happpened here.

blair parkin

Hi Jon, that is how outline view works in PowerPoint, it will show all text in the placeholders. From there you can actually edit the text that appears on the slide ie it is a working view, not a view that the end user would see.

The outline view isn't what will be seen in the presenter menu view

Jon DeMartino

I have not had that experence, Blair. I just opened a new PPT presentation, used the Title and Subtitle boxes and added a text box. As you can see, the text in the text box does not appear on the outline. I suspect they copied the title or subtitle box all over the slides. As I said, it won't affect my final product but I was just tryng to figure out f PPT has an options setting for what's included in the outline view.