PowerPoint quits working ... even though saved, no changes saved .

I don't know the easiest way to explain this, but every once in a while Power Point takes a crap on me while updating some Engage or Quizmaker file.

I have taken precautions to ensure that after every change I make to an Engage file, I save my work.  Well, when PPT decides to take one of these craps on me, I go back in to resume working ... and any functionality changes I made to my Engage file isn't "taking."  But, when I open the interaction itself, everything's there, it just won't publish correctly unless I go and re-open EVERY Engage itself for the corrections to publish.

Is there a known issue here or a work-around that I'm overlooking?

::been a frustrating week::

Thanks in advance!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Heather, 

It sounds like you might be using the Save and Close option when editing your quizzes and interactions from within Presenter. I'd recommend also taking the additional step of saving your entire course through File > Save or disk icon in Presenter after each change. Or are you doing that and still experiencing the trouble?

Heather Young


I am using the Save and Close button in Engage when I'm done editing.  It seems as though while this is saving itself back into Presenter/PPT, that's where the hiccup is and I get an error message that PPT needs to close.

I regularly save my entire course after making any Articulate changes (each Engage, QM or other item), but when the hiccup occurs, the link between PPT and Articulate seems to not connect and any formatting-style changes I've made to Engage get lost.  Although it LOOKS like everything's OK on the screen (visual changes seem to have taken), when I go to publish, I'm finding that buttons I've added/removed are/aren't there, etc.  The only way to resolve (that I've found) is to go and open each Engage and then re-close it.  If PPT doesn't hiccup, the changes are kept .... until the next time it occurs. 

The biggest issue is that when I've got a large project with, say, 15-20 Articulate items (Engage, QM, etc.), it messes up ALL of them (so I've got to go back and "relink" every interaction AGAIN).  It's very frustrating to say the least ...