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Sep 06, 2014


Is it possible to convert the PowerPoint slides to videos? I have the Video Encoder 09 but I can not figure out if it possible or not.

I want to have all slides and presentations done as a movie rather than as slides.

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Dorina Grossu

So here are the challenges, if I use iSpring (http://www.ispringsolutions.com/) my issues are solved since I can have video (movie) recorded with voice and face. When I use Articulate, I need to make a movie for each slide and then insert onto the slide...I can use SlideShow features to record the voice and move the slides (don't really need the Record in Articulate) but I can not have all of them in the same package...frustrating...I would have moved to iSpring a long time ago but I couldn't due to LMS...so, I need a solution fast..offline would be nice too but that is not my main concern now

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dorina and Manoj!

Looks like a responded to another post here, but just to share here as well:

Presenter cannot be published to MP4 format.

Check out this article on how to publish an Articulate Presenter '13 course for iPad or HTML5 deployment.

Articulate Replay (with Studio 13) publishes to MP4 format, so I'm sure you could use it to record your screen if necessary.

Oh, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes Manoj

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