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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Lara,

Currently, Office 2013 is not supported for Studio '09. However, Studio '13 will support Office 2013 - just keep in mind that you'll still need to use the 32-bit installation of Office. 

For now, you'd need to use the 2010 installation, if possible. You may also want to try to stick to the features of 2010. Since the version isn't supported, I'm not sure how you'd be able to incorporate the features from 2013 into 2010 and its presentation files, unless you try converting it - that may or may not cause issues with your presentation.


Lara McKinnon

The features I am using with PPT 2013 are the collaborative ones--Review, Comments, Compare.    We are at the script development stage of the project and will do the later stages of the project in 2010. 

I suspect that I have a 32-bit installation as I can access the Articulate ribbon and create Engage interactions in 2013.  Any idea what the limits or issues are if I say away from the animation?

Christine Hendrickson

HI Lara,

If you'd like to confirm that you're using the 32-bit installation, just follow the steps in the following Screenr video:

As for limits - no, I'm not aware of any. My primary concern would be the stability. I would just hate to hear that you've spent a lot of time on a project, only to find out that it won't run properly. 

If there's a feature you're really wanting to try, you could always create a short, quick test project and see how it works once published through Presenter/Articulate.

Good luck!

Christine Hendrickson

Nice, thanks for confirming that, Lara :)

Another thought occurred to me is the issue of supported animations. 

This is the list of animations that Presenter currently supports (with supported versions of PowerPoint):

Supported PowerPoint Animations

Now, if you try to use one of the new features, including animations, and the type isn't listed in that article, it may not work properly.

Again, might be something you want to try out in a simple test presentation.

Good luck and have a great day, Lara!