PPT animation Emphasis > Font Color does not work


I have text color changing in my Powerpoint2010 stack, yet when I preview or publish this animation effect in Studio09 Presenter, the animation does not work.

In PPT, I have the text zoom in as a black color on a white rounded rectangle.

I then have the rounded rectangle fade out while having the text change color to white simultaniously.

In my preview, the Font Color animation does not work (does not change the color to white).

Update: I set the Font Color > Effect > Enhancements > After Animation to the color white to see if that would help. The result is that the black text turns purple in the preview.

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?

Update: After a couple of days with no response to this thread, I guess we should conclude this issue I am having is actually either a bug or a limitation of the Presenter.

Can any of the e-Learning Heros assist me with this?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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Dennis Hall

Hi Sarah:

Thanks for your response. Admittedly, I have never been aware of this page, so now I'll bookmark it.

Have you seen a similar page for Storyline, as I see the list of animations isdreadfully short (i.e. 5 items).

I will find a workaround for the text changing color... Most likely I'll duplicate the text and have a fade-out of the black will fading-in the white.

Thanks for the valuable link.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall