PPT looks great, some images and text are distorted when publishing in 360

Apr 26, 2017


Newly installed 360.

Our PPT content looks great in PPT, but when publishing to Presenter (eventually this will be hosted on AO), some of the screenshots as well as text in text boxes is fuzzy / distorted / looks bad.

For example, I have a simple text box in the master slides that states the number of the training session. This text looks distorted after publishing. It's just simple text so I have no idea why this happens!

Trying to play around with different publish setting to see if something makes a difference, but would appreciate any helpful insight as we need to publish these modules this week.


*edited to add:

It seems to be distorted on wide screens, mostly. Presentation size is set to wide screen though. Hope this is helpful!

Many thanks


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Maya Yifat

Thank you Alyssa!

I am playing around with different publishing settings to see what makes a difference

Not sure why a text box looks smudged as well, will try to publish without our custom skin.

Any other thoughts on things we should pay attention to in terms of the image sizes or publish settings? Anything that has to do with master slides that doesn't come through in Articulate?


Many thanks



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maya,

Overall, use the highest quality images available. Best practice is to avoid shrinking or stretching images. Scaling images up or down in your course can cause blurriness, especially if your images have text.

There shouldn't be any issues with images on Slide Masters, but be sure to let us know if you find inconsistency between the original image file and the publish quality. 

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