PPT not Publishing


I'm having difficulty publishing an online course. A couple of members brought it to our attention that none of the review questions (built in Quizmaker) were working. Every time I published, it would go all the way through but not create a Scorm package. I re-created and re-inserted the questions, but when I publish I have the same error. It zips the files, but there's no presentation to view. 

Please advise. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

It's possible that there was some corruption within the file. You'll want to follow these guidelines to prevent file corruption: 

  • Work locally (typically C: drive) as working on a network or USB drive can cause erratic behavior. 
  • Check that the file path for you files are under the 260 character limit set by Microsoft Windows
  • Don't use special characters in your file names, paths, etc. 

Some additional information about how that can impact your Quizmaker loading can be found here.