PPT slide overlaps with navigation panel in published course


I've noticed a problem in my published courses (uploaded to a developent server), where sometimes the Power Point slide is shifted far to the left side and half of it ends up behind the navigation panel.  It's hard to replicate, since it seems to be random so I don't have a screen shot to send you.

Any idea as to what might cause this problem or how to resolve it?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi D M. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

When you say that you're uploading them to a development server, I'm assuming you're uploading the presentation to a web server, correct? If so, have you uploaded the presentation over an existing version? If you have, you may be able to resolve this by clearing your browser cache. 

Since the issue is not consistent, it may be difficult to pinpoint. Can you share a little more information about where you're uploading the content and how you're viewing it (what browser, etc.)?



Hi Christine,

Thanks for responding so quickly!

Yes, I'm uploading to a web server.  We're using IE8 and the course is published for the LMS.  The server is a staging site that mimics our LMS for testing purposes.

The elearn is also an update of a previous version of the course, so I will try clearing my browser cache and I'll see if it helps.  I do find this issue happens after repeatedly viewing the course (during reviews etc).