PPT slides 16:9 ratio work on computer monitor 4:3 ratio

We use Articulate.
We are now using the 16:9 ratio wide screen slide option for our PPT files.
In the past, when we were using the 4:3 ratio, we were informed that for optimal viewing of these files (clear presentation of images, text and videos), the best browser setting option to choose is:

Browser size: resize browser to fill screen
Player size: Lock player at optimal size
Unfortunately, if we use the above mentioned publishing options, when people are using monitors that only accept screen resolutions that fit the 4:3 ratio, they end up having to scroll up and down and left and right.

For now, the only way we can see that our 16:9 files work for all types of screen resolutions, is to choose the following browser setting options:

Browser Size: Resize browser to fill screen
Player Size: Scale Player to fill browser window

It works, but since everything is stretched, you lose clarity in the videos
Can you provide us with other suggestions?


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Barbara Modlin


Thanks for sharing the article. The videos in our files are 1280 x 720 pixels so we cannot go smaller then that. We are not trying to play files on a mobile device-just laptops etc. When I look at the output size, the slide size is 1284 x 722 pixels.

 I would really like to keep the optimal sizing because this seems to bring the clearest images and videos. I wondered if you knew if we could use the scaling option. We tried it at 87%. It worked fine when someone was viewing it on a 1380 x 1050 screen resolution.

The key thing I am not sure about is this. An end user has a monitor that can only accommodate screen resolutions with a 13:4 ratio.  We are producing slides that use a 16:9 ratio.  Is there anything we can do in the browser settings or the output slide so that our 16:9 slides can be viewed using a computer with screen with a 13:4 ratio?

Right now, as mentioned, for the player size, we are limited to selecting scale player to fill browser window.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barb,

There isn't a way to change how it'll appear based on what type of monitor the user is accessing the course from. So it looks like it'll be a choice from choosing to allow it to scale (and a potential reduction in quality) or allowing for the user to scroll up/down or left/right. 

I don't know that I've seen a lot of set ups with that screen ratio, but perhaps if someone in the community has they'll be able to share their expertise here.