.ppta file - should there be one if presentation not published ?

Mar 30, 2012


I have a .ppt presentation where I included Engage interactions with hyperlinks in my Powerpoint. I don't intend on publishing the presentation as I want the mouse control.  The only file I have is the .ppt one.

Should there by a .ppta file associated with the .ppt file ?



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Peter Anderson

Hey Julie,

Yes, the PPT and PPTA should always be in same location.

And to revise my initial response, the PPTA should appear as soon as you do anything with Articulate features. But it sounds like you only have PPT because you just created a hyperlink, which is a powerpoint function, not an Articulate Presenter function, making your link to the published Engage interaction undetected by Articulate.

If you had inserted the Engage interaction via the Presenter menu, then the PPTA would have appeared. 

Kevin Dowd

Julie - what do you mean that you "don't intent on publishing your presentation because you want the mouse control?"  If in presenter you select "slide properties" from the "articulate" menu, and then set everything in the advance column to "by user," there will be mouse control throughout the presentation.

Apologies if that's not what you were saying.

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