PPTA file shrinks after publishing

Hi - my PPTA file was about 122,000 KB before publishing my course to the web. After publishing, it changed to about 102,000. The course is working fine (except a couple branching glitches, which I don't think are related...). However, I just want to make sure this is not an indication of something "gone wrong" which could affect things later on.

One theory I have is that I used to have a Flash movie in the course (about 4,000 KB). I removed it earlier (but did not notice whether the PPTA file reduced in size back then.) This is the first time I have published the course without the Flash movie. Do you think the Flash movie info stayed in the PPTA file, and then when I published it, Articulate was smart enough to remove it and all associated info?

Thanks for any advice you might have!

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