Preloader: Help me help me, please help me!

Will the below work as a preloader.  I am a total rookie with no formal training in scripting anything.  Please help.  I have inserted my file references into the preloader created by Philip and James.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



<!--   --> - <preloadinfo> <!-- logo max size is 244x75px due to flash 6 it must either be a .swf or a .jpg  -->

 Originally Created by Philip Corriveau modifed by James Kingsley 
- <files>
 list your files to be preloaded 
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 2 Intro.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 3 Objectives.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 4 Listen.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 6 Change Game.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 6 Let's Discss.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 7 AEIOU.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 7 MMKR.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 10 Ab Will.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Slide 11 UMP Solutions.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_The Power of Words - Inspirational Video - YouTube.flv</file>
  <file>data/swf/fm_Will slide.flv</file>
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