Preloader mess up or website troubles?

Nov 10, 2011

Hi everyone.  I'm having problems with the videos I have online all of a sudden.  It only started happening this week, really.  My video is pausing in between slides when it didn't used to do that.  It's playing slower, too.  I've tried viewing this with different computers on different internet connections and I'm still having that problem.  The first three slides don't have any Flash content on them, so they shouldn't be pausing at all in between slide transitions, but they are.  I don't know if this a preloader problem or a website problem.  I've contacted my website company and am waiting to hear back from them, and I'm using that newer custom preloader that preloads MP4s.

Any suggestions or help?  You can try viewing the videos here:

The videos I'm talking about are the first two.

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Justin Wilcox

Out of curiosity, have you tried to create a different version without the preloader to see how the movies behave? Also, have you checked this calculator out?

Change the settings to AVC/H.264 and that should give you a good idea of what you should have your video and audio bitrate set using the dimensions of your video. It's possible that getting a good MP4 file will negate the need for the preloader and resolve your issue.

Phil Mayor

Brian Batt said:

Hi Tammy,

I think that the issue has to do with the program that you're using to create the MP4 file.  Many of the programs around write the time stamp of the file to the wrong location.  This is known as the moov atom.  

I'd recommend a program called Format Factory to handle the conversion of the file.

agree with Brian, its the moov atom file, move it and it should progressively download

Peter Anderson

Videos in Articulate Studio ‘09 content will progressively download, so that users will not have to wait for the entire video to be downloaded to their computer before playback begins.

In some cases, however, an MP4 file may not be properly formatted to allow progressive downloading, which means users would have to wait for the video to be fully downloaded before it begins to play.  If you have an MP4 file that is exhibiting this behavior in your published content, you may be able to correct it.  Here's how.

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