Present 360 HTML LMS content not playing audio

Playback of HTML content in Presenter 360 (Articulate) worked, all audio played. However audio randomly did not play for some of the slide material when launched from the LMS using Chrome.  Cloud Scorm played through all the content ok but if you clicked to advanced through slides the audio didn't always play.  The new content interface should restrict manually advancing to the next slide, not sure how to disable this feature.  The LMS platform considers the source of the issue to be our content.  Not sure what steps to take to troubleshoot the content.  Any suggestions?

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Zach Hall

I'm having the same issue in presenter 360.  Some slides play automatically, others do not.  All will play if they are clicked on in the navigator menu on the left. Has anyone solved this issue?

Files were rendered as wavs, then inserted into powerpoint.  This is the process I've used for years with previous versions of presenter.  is it different now with 360?  Should I be inserting the audio files in the Articulate Tab rather than the insert tab as I have previously done?

Also, video files added via the Articulate tab work properly. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Zach!

Thank you for sharing a screenshot of what you're seeing! We recommend importing audio using either the Audio button in the Insert Tab or Articulate Tab. I'd like for you to connect with a Support Engineer so that we can work with you 1:1 to understand what is causing the inconsistency. 

We'll let you know as soon as we see that you've submitted a case. Working in a case helps us also work with you to find a quicker solution!