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We are new to Articulate Studio (Presenter). We have published using the guidelines provided in a Community article regarding obtaining the best screen shots:

Browser Window Settings: Presentation size: Lock presentation at optimal size.

However, when we publish here on my oversized screen (similar to what my learners will also have), the eLearning is SMALL... The lock on the Presentation size field, required to prevent the degrading screen shots, seems to lock the learner's view to a small display relative to their extended view screen capacity in the training rooms.

We know that the Design must be 4:3 aspect to support Presenter '09.... the presentation size locked at optimal size to avoid degrading screen shots... but is there anything we can do to support a larger view for our learner audience?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tammy,

Have you had the chance to test it in other browsers, to see if the same thing happens? 

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

I understand not wanting to publicly post the file. If you'd like, you're welcome to submit a Presenter Package to our technical department in a support case. All files submitted through this system are kept confidential. Also, they would be happy to work with you and sign a disclosure if needed. 

An alternative would be to try and recreate the problem in a new presentation. 

Thanks Tammy,