Presentation freezing, but audio continues


Have run into an issue.  After producing a presentation, the lecture "freezes" at a certain point -> the time freezes and the slide freezes; however the audio continues to run.  When trying to scan past this part using the slider, it just advances the slide to that time period and everything freezes (no audio, no time).  When skipping to the next slide, everything continues hunky-dorrry. 

Any thoughts?

Happens on slide 8 at the 19:43 mark for total time and 8:53 for slide time

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Brian Batt

Hi Jonathan,

Flash supports a maximum of 16,000 frames.  At 30 frames per second (which is the default setting in Articulate software), that translates to 8 minutes and 53 seconds. 

The following Adobe support document provides additional information on Flash limits:

If you change the "frames per second" setting in Articulate Presenter to 15, then you should be able to record up to 17 minutes of narration for a single slide.  Here's a quick guide:

15 fps  >>  17:00

20 fps  >>  13:20

30 fps  >>  08:53

To change the "frames per second" setting for your presentation, please review the following article for your version of Presenter:

Presenter '09:

Presenter 5:

Peter Anderson

Hey Gaby,

Would you like to submit your files for us to take a closer look at? You can Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file here:

Please include the url from this thread in the case info, as well as any other details you think may be important for our support engineers to know. Thanks!