Presentation not playing properly on Mac or once client receives f

I have published my presentation and checked all the linking to the Fund Fact Sheet URLs.  They appear to be working when reviewing the presentation on my PC.  However, when I review the presentation on the Mac the links do not work.  The client also says that the links do not work when she is reviewing them as well.  This is also happening with the Exit button.  The presentation will exit on my PC but not on the Mac or when the client views the presentation.

How can I fix this?  This is the third year for me doing this presentation and I have not experienced this problem the last two years.



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Debbie Roberts

This just is not working.  When I use the option of opening the presentation in another window (Launch), the exit button works, but the links do not work properly.  The initial launch window shows the launch button, when you click on that the presentation opens in another window and begins playing (like it is suppose to do).  However, then a few seconds later,  the voiceover begins playing in the launch window.  So you have the voice over talking over it self a little delayed.  When you click on the hyperlinks, they open up in the presentation window (even though I have it programmed to open up in a new window).  When uploading to the web, if I have the presentation launch without the launch button, then the links work fine, no double speak but then the exit button does not work. I really need this fixed and am at my wits end.  Can you please set up a session so that I can get this fixed immediately.  


Debbie Roberts

Justin Wilcox

Hi Debbie. 

Sorry to hear about the difficulty. We are reviewing your case and testing the scenario right now so we can provide some suggestions. If you want, feel free to get in touch with the person who cannot get the hyperlinks to work and see if they would be available for a complimentary web conference so we can see exactly what is happening. However, from my own personal experience I have never seen this issue unless they were not testing the content online via a valid http address or if they are using a web browser with really strict pop up blockers enabled.

Rather than sending your project the way you are currently doing it, I would personally try sharing your presentation using the steps here: