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Sep 28, 2013

I have inherited a PowerPoint Presenter file where I have made some minor changes. There are no animiations or audio in the PowerPoint file on any slide; however, I noticed that the file (and the published version in our LMS!) has slide timings that are all over the map... some being more than 30 seconds, with others of varying lengths over 15 seconds. I see no need at all for these varying and long slide display times (neither does the requestor), but when I tried setting "Slides without audio or animation display for" 2 seconds, or 3 seconds, or 5 seconds, nothing happens. When I created a small test file of generic information, I can adjust slide display times just fine, so I know how to make this adjustment. But I cannot adjust slide display timing for the file I have inherited. How can I get slide display times down to 2 or 3 seconds? These odd timings are present whether or not I have the seekbar checked or whether I have the slide transitions set for user or automatic. What am I doing incorrectly or missing?

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Marvie Mulder

Hi John,

It sounds like the slides in your presentation used to have audio, and then was deleted. When the audio gets deleted, the slide duration is preserved by design for the reason that you might want to keep your animation timings if there are any.  In your case, you don't have any animation at all and you don't need the extra duration, so you might want to check the following knowledge base article to change your slide duration.

Hope this helps.


John Corbett

Hi Marvie,

I'm going to try this... the tutorial walked through things I was looking at. I had attempted to reset default slide timing down to a couple of seconds, but saw no change in the time of the actual slides. I looked at the "audio" tracks for each slide... saw nothing but the odd timings for each slides. I did a global delete on all the odd timings and got the slides down to 1 second each. Still, no change on the slides themselves. When I looked at the animation dialog window, I saw those same slide timings. The slides -- none of them -- had any animations at all. I'll try resetting slide timings (one by one) using the animation window. This may be what I need to do. At one time, there may have been animations and/or narration. But as there are neither now, the slide times only delay the user. I will let you know if this works. Thanks for digging out this information for me. (If this works, I'll share with others on my team.)

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