Presentation size shrinks after viewing labeled graphic


I am working on finalizing a course where I inserted some FLV files into an Engage Labeled Graphic. The course displays full size until you view one of the FLVs. Once you close it or click on the next label, the course displays much smaller and there is no way to reset it. Has anyone encountered this issue? My Browser Window settings are "Display at user's current browser size" and "Scale presentation to fill browser window." The only option for FLV in a labeled graphic is to embed, which is what I wanted. I set to display at custom size for full 312 width. I set them to Auto-launch and to have the nav bar included. I hope there is a fix. I have a lot of time invested in this approach. I had to use FLV as the SWF settings for the software I was using didnt have a high enough audio setting and the audio was sub par. The FLV had a higher setting. I can convert to SWF but I will sacrafice in audio and i dont know if it does the same thing. I havent tested. I included some screen shots. the first pic is what happends and the second pic is how it was before. The blue area around the course in the first pic should be occupied by the course. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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