Presentation Within a Presentation


I've used Dave Moxson's tutorial to group together several segments of a long presentation so as not to create one very large file, and instead to break it up into several smaller files, while making it seem as though it is all in the one presentation.  However, when doing this, I get a presentation within a presentation.  In other words, when the presentation launches, it goes to the main menu slide - this looks fine.  Then, when some one click on say "Part 1" to begin the first portion of the presentation, another articulate player loads within the original.  This makes the wording and graphics very small.  I made sure to follow Dave's step number 9 in his tutorial so that my player templates were set up correctly.  

My presentations play within an iframe on my website.  How can I avoid this to maximize my player screen real estate?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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