Presented dropped dead.

I recently had a number of Windows updates (not unusual) and I started up PowerPoint (2007) and got a brief error message about a problem initializing the Articulate Presenter add-on.  The Articulate bar is there, but NOTHING works.  Clicking on anything, whether to insert audio, sync annotations, insert a Quizmaket Quiz, or publish results in exactly NOTHING.

The other programs work as stand-alones, but the main program appears dead.  

What should I do?

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Lawrence Tagrin

Charles Zoffuto said:


So what happened was that the "Articulate Presenter Communicator" was disabled in the Add-ins and not the "Articulate Presenter Ribbon".

Here is a link to turn on both add-ins:

As it turns out, there were three add-ins for Articulate and one of them was disabled.  Once I re-enabled it, everything seemed fine.  Thank you.