Presenter 09

When I attempt to publish a course the quiz attempts to load (spinning wheel) but the actual quiz will not load. If I open quiz maker from the slide deck and save it all works fine.

I suspect that when creating a quiz the location of the quiz file is registered somewhere as this error only seems to occur if I move a course from one location to another. Example C drive to D drive.

Is there a way that one can point presenter 09 to the location of quiz files without having to open and save the quiz?

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Tony Morris


Thank you very much for your prompt response and the methods offered. While the steps to remove, then add the quiz do work it is rather time consuming and will insert the quiz at the end of the course and you then have to move to it's original location.

I found a faster process: 

1. Open the quiz in question by clicking on the Edit in Quizmaker button on the quiz slide.

2. When prompted navigate to the location containing the quiz.

3. When in Quizmaker, click the Save and Return to Presenter button.

4. Preview the quiz, or Publish the course.